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When deciding between floorboard materials and wood types, home builders and engineers have to decide between 2 kinds: finished and unfinished wood floorboards. Depending on the specificity of the project, an unfinished wooden floorboard might be needed. There are projects that require a certain angle of sanding. Some projects might require a specific wooden surface texture. There are a lot of variations that contractors can make when it comes to their projects.

Features Unfinished Wood Floors

Unfinished wood floors are sometimes a better choice for home builders because they are easier to match with already existing flooring. They are much more useful when it comes to partially replacing floor surfaces. This happens a lot to those who need flooring repairs in only some parts of their houses or buildings. Unfinished wood floors are also easier to match with already existing furniture and wooden accents. When following a specific design of a room, it is important for contractors to stick to the requirements. Unfinished wood floors allow them flexibility regarding the floors design and appearance. This means they can control the level of polish of the floor, and even the color of the floorboards. Some designs require custom color staining because they need colored floorboards that are not available in the market. Overall, unfinished floorboards are particularly useful for custom-designed houses and buildings.

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Professional Care vs. DIY

There is no doubt it is much better for home builders and contractors to hire professional floor service providers to provide unfinished wood floors sanding. The disadvantage that most homeowners have in this regard is the lack of experience and the necessary equipment for the job.

There are DIY materials available everywhere on the internet. There are articles that guide people to sanding unfinished wood floors step by step. Experts have also created videos that instruct people how to sand their own wood floors. But are these enough preparations for the task of unfinished wood floors sanding? The fact that a non-professional has never had any experience with sanding equipment still remains. The quality of sanding that he/she will accomplish may not match that of a professionals.

Experts know exactly what to do with unfinished wood floors. Tell them the specifications that you want done and they can get right on it. Besides delivering the perfect unfinished wood floors sanding services, they can finish the job efficiently. This means that they will take less time to finish and make the least amount of mess. Some flooring service providers even offer a dustless sanding service.

The effort, time and money a home builder will commit to sand unfinished wood floors on his/her own might go to waste if he/she fails to meet the right sanding specifications. Lack of experience is the biggest factor. Professionals are more than happy to sit down and discuss with you the specifications that your home or building needs. Furthermore, they are flexible with their deals and price ranges. This is why it is much more efficient to hire expert floor service providers.

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Psychoanalyzing The Gossip Girl Cast Of Characters: Knowing Chuck Bass}

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Psychoanalyzing the Gossip Girl Cast of Characters: Knowing Chuck Bass


Joe Owens

Successful, hot, and loaded—Charles Chuck Bartholomew Bass from the most successful teenage show to date, Gossip Girl, is gaining so much attention from fans all over the world. With his undeniable good looks and charisma, this fictional character comes alive through the enthusiasm of millions of fans all over the world. This is very evident in the way Gossip Girl fan sites revere Chuck Bass and other Gossip Girl cast of characters, turning them into living, breathing and walking icons of primetime television.

Underneath the Bad Boy Appeal

Hes a womanizer, morally bankrupt and manipulative. Nonetheless, Chuck Bass is one of Gossip Girl cast of characters we love to hate. Some of his devious manipulative tactics are blackmailing Serena about her self-imposed exile, attempting to rape the young Jenny Humphrey and constantly mocking Dan Humphrey his mortal enemy. But then again, his conniving ways of getting what he wants has a strange appeal like a forbidden fruit that were told not to eat. He has the charisma of a boy your parents wouldnt want to meet or even be seen with you. To put it strongly, Chuck is every parents nightmare in the flesh.

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Behind his appealing eyes and debonair looks hides a troublesome man who has spent most of his early years engaging in teenage drinking and premarital sex. The son of a wealthy businessman, Chuck enjoys a life of luxury that some of us might only experience in our dreams. Night after night of hanging out with the coolest crowd in the most expensive places opened his juvenile eyes to the troubles of his generation. In the mix of the parties and drinks, a constant fight with self-destruction and the urge to go the straight and narrow befalls him.

However, when the parties are over and all the booze is gone, Chuck faces the gnawing pain of being a failure in his fathers eyes. His mother died upon giving birth to him, leaving him affection-deprived with his father. When fear and loneliness envelop him, he turns to the best known remedy to him—booze, women and his best friend Nate. Despite being known as the resident bad boy in his circle, Chuck shows his soft side when it comes to Nate and soon enough, Blair, Nates girlfriend.

Behind Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorfs Affair

Blair and Chuck have so many things in common. Both being rich, gorgeous and manipulative, both teens find themselves allies in so many conquests to get what they want without batting an eyelash about the consequences. Not long after, Chuck found himself smitten by the only woman he refused to snare for being his best friends main squeeze. However, a night of passion in the back of Chucks limo that happened after Blairs impulsive breakup with Nate made things more complicated for the two troubled souls as they start a secret relationship. Chuck found himself in love for the very first time in his life, jeopardizing Nates friendship that he tried to nurture all his life.

Falling in love with her was the hardest thing for him to deal with. The same thing goes for Blair who was still confused at the time whether she still loves Nate or is just falling for Chuck for all the wrong reasons.

Nate and Blair finally ended their relationship giving Chuck a chance to pursue his love. But considering their wild nature, an ordinary relationship just wont do for both of them. Hence, Blair and Chuck began playing mind games on each other leaving their hearts confused about the real status of their relationship. The fact that both of them like the game made things more complex. They found themselves being in the arms of another as a way of proving wholl win the game that only the two of them could play. Soon after, a cat-and-mouse chase of being the first to say I-love-you took hold of the two. In between the chase, Chuck found himself paralyzed by his feelings for Blair. He knew it—Blair is the only woman he could ever love and give himself to again. The bad boy fell in love with the only woman he might never have.

Unearthing Chucks Nature

Chuck Bass is one of Gossip Girl cast of characters that reflects the moral degeneration of teenagers today. Like most young people, Chuck loves to experiment no matter how risky the endeavor may be. At the end of the conquest, when hes bruised and hurt, he stands up and goes on carrying with him the scars left by the mistakes he has committed. Unfortunately, the scars and bruises from his risky adventure with sex and alcohol havent truly made him change. In the course of his development as a character, the only definitive factor that made him introspect about who he is underneath the bad boy faade is the only girl that could break and make his heart whole—Blair Waldorf.

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Psychoanalyzing the Gossip Girl Cast of Characters: Knowing Chuck Bass

News briefs:October 21, 2007

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Audio Wikinews News Brief for October 21, 2007

Recorded by: DavumayaProblems listening to the file? See media help.


The time is 6:15 UTC and this an Audio Wikinews Brief for the weekend of Sunday, October 21, 2007.


  • 1 Thousands flee renewed violence in Congo
  • 2 Blast kills 8, injures 126 at a mall in Manila, The Philippines
  • 3 Mass suspensions and relief of duties after US B-52 flew with armed nuclear missiles
  • 4 Half of life could go extinct by century’s end, warn eminent biologists
  • 5 US stock markets tumble on ‘Black Monday’ anniversary
  • 6 South African reggae star Lucky Dube shot dead in attempted carjacking
  • 7 Man throws red paint in Roman Trevi fountain to protest film festival
  • 8 South Africa defeats England 15 – 6 to win the 2007 Rugby World Cup


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Flash floods kill over a hundred in India, 500 missing

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Five hundred people are missing and as many as 150 are reported to have been killed by flash floods in India, caused by a sudden cloudburst that hit Indian-controlled Kashmir on Friday. The downpour struck the town of Leh and several surrounding villages, and reportedly caused a mud slide that hit the refugee-populated village of Choglamsar.

Associated Press reported that at least five foreign tourists were among those killed. Their nationalities are not known but New Delhi Television (NDTV) reported that 110 tourists, half of them foreigners, were being looked after at an Army transit camp on the Leh-Manali road. NDTV also said that the tourists had been given food, medicine and phone connections to their embassies. Flights have been arranged by the Indian government to bring affected foreign tourists back home.

Massive relief efforts are continuing; Farooq Ahmad, who is Inspector General of Police in Kashmir reported on Sunday today that “63 bodies had been identified so far and that rescue teams were fanning out to six villages near Leh that had not yet been reached during relief operations.” Believed to contain 5000 people, Choglamsar, on Leh’s outskirts, is one of the villages that rescuers have been clearing roads to reach.

The army has been called in to assist in rescue work. Thousands of troops, police and paramilitary soldiers were clearing roads in order to reach isolated villages. Those living in the upper reaches, whose housing was not adequate to provide protection, will have borne the full impact of the mud slides caused by the 12 mm of rain that fell on Friday in just a few minutes.

Officials said that rescuers were digging through crushed homes and piles of mud to search for survivors. The hundreds of reported injured are being treated at an army hospital and several makeshift clinics. Mohammed Deen Khan, a social activist who has been assisting in rescue work, said the mud was 15 feet high in some places. Heavy earth-moving equipment has been brought in to move the tonnes of mud and boulders blocking roads.

The rescue officials have faced a serious problem due to the severe damage of the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) office, a telecommunication enterprise, leading to the complete disruption of communication in the Leh region. The general manager of BSNL reports that the damage has caused a loss of 120 million INR. Another telecommunication enterprise, Airtel, has provided SIM cards to local administration for setting up hotlines that people can call for assistance.

The major problem is due to the communication breakdown. If communication is restored it will help in co-ordination of rescue operations in a better way.

Pashi Tsetan, a local administration development wing (deputy director) said, “The major problem is due to the communication breakdown. If communication is restored it will help in co-ordination of rescue operations in a better way.” Other institutions like Defence Institute of High Altitude Research (DIHAR), the ITBP camp, the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) and others have also been affected.

1,314 people, mostly tourists, have been airlifted from Leh to Delhi. Three additional Indian Airlines flights from Jammu and Delhi have been planned. Three IL-76 and four AN-32 aircraft carried relief material to Leh this morning, and four more by Jet Airways and Air India and three by Kingfisher Airlines will carry relief material and doctors to Leh.

The ITBP has sent water tankers containing drinking water to affected areas. Medical camps have been set up in villages like Saboo. The bodies of eleven persons were transported to Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, and Rajasthan this morning.

India’s crisis comes as Pakistan is experiencing the worst floods in the country’s history.

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Medical Tourism Health And Fitness}

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But, given the modern existence, pressured lives and a highly stressed environment that we live in, it is practically impossible to keep oneself in a sterile bubble. Be it a short-term illness or a long, debilitating one, humans are bound to fall prey to the evil hands of sickness. When such a situation arises one instantly thinks of visiting a doctor, seeking professional help and receiving medical treatment. This was in the recent past, now, however, it is a totally different scenario. Rising medical costs have become a big deterrent for people in need of quality care. Unable to afford exorbitant procedures and expensive hospital stay, many just silently endure the pain so generously bestowed on them by their respective illnesses. Even if one is able to part with certain sum of money, the long waiting periods make it terribly frustrating for the needy one. The woes of the middle class in the west don’t just end here. Adding a third point in the list, the insurance policies most of the time turn out to be good-for-nothing. Reason? For things like cosmetic procedures and treatments, these insurance policies either simply do not cover them or cover them only partially, leaving one to bear heavy out-of-pocket expenses. Coming to rescue you from all these problems and more, medical tourism has and continues to help millions of patients from around the world. The nations pioneering in the field of health tourism, such as India, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and hoping Kong not only receive medical tourists from the West, they also from places where there’s an utter lack of basic medical facilities, let alone the advanced ones. These include countries in the Middle East, Africa and various underdeveloped Asian countries. Beating competition from nations like the USA, UK, Canada and many in the European continent, these above mentioned hubs of global healthcare have risen phenomenally. One can attribute several factors to it, including growing economies, technological advancements, scientific breakthrough, availability of trained manpower, expatriate doctors coming back to home turf to serve their own people, and improved standards of medical care. Irrespective of the fact that you are looking for an elective procedure or an urgent one, all major private hospitals have an exhaustive list of specialties. Go the medical tourism way and return back to not just a normal but a happy life that you once lived before illness struck you.Medical tourism

search engine offering users the ability to compare surgery abroad cosmetic and medical procedure costs and reputation from clinics and hospitals worldwide.

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Several injured in Ben Nevis cable car accident

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

As many as eight people have been injured after two cable cars collided at the Nevis Range near Fort William in Scotland.

Two RAF helicopters, an air ambulance, four ambulance crews, police, fire brigade and a mountain rescue team are among those present. Police have confirmed that three people have been injured, including one child. Injuries include broken legs, head and chest injuries. The Scottish Ambulance Service have reported that up to seven people had been thrown on to the hillside. A reporter at the scene said one car near the top of the mountain had slid down a cable, hitting another and then one of the cars fell to the ground.

Northern Constabulary have stated “It’s understood that two gondolas would appeared to have collided and a number of casualties have been reported. The local mountain rescue team, Inverness helimed and other air support are in attendance to remove casualties”.

The Doppelmayr gondola system is made up of eighty six-seat closed cabins running on a continuous 4.6km steel cable.

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Israeli barrage of Gaza continues with strike on PM’s office

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Sunday, July 2, 2006

Israel has continued its barrage of the Gaza Strip with an attack by a helicopter gunship on the office of the Palestinian prime minister. The attack, which left the building ablaze, injured three Palestinian security guards and was described by the prime minister, Ismail Haniya, as senseless. “This is the policy of the jungle and arrogance,” Haniya told Reuters. “They have targeted a symbol for the Palestinian people.”

Israel claims the attack on Gaza, codenamed Operation Summer Rains, is to pressure the Palestinian government into freeing Cpl. Gilad Shalit, the Israeli tank gunner Israel describes as having been kidnapped by Palestinian militants on Monday.

Other Israeli strikes on Saturday night hit a school in Gaza City and Hamas facilities in the town of Jabalia in the north of the strip where one 34-year-old Hamas operative was killed and another wounded.

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20 percent of Victorians drive on worn tyres

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Wednesday, June 7, 2006

A survey released today by the RACV and Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce found that 20 percent of cars in Victoria have at least one worn or unroadworthy tyre.

The study looked at 1,000 cars last month and found of those 200 had at least one tyre that had worn.

Chief engineer for the RACV, Michael Case said that driving on worn tyres could increase the distance it takes a car to brake and road safety. “Increasing the braking distance can increase the chance of running into the car in front of you and having an unnecessary collision and if that collision is serious enough certainly it can cause injuries” said Mr Case.

It is widely accepted that tyres are one of the most important parts of a vehicle. As tyres are the only part of a vehicle in contact with the road, they affect acceleration, braking and cornering.

As well as the safety issues associated with driving a vehicle with a worn tyre, drivers can be fined for “driving an unsafe vehicle” and fined AUD$171, in addition police may “defect” the vehicle, restricting its use until repaired. Victorian law requires that tyres have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm.

Wikinews investigated the average price of each tyre on a typical large and small Australian sedan, and SUV and found the cost to be AUD$129, AUD$105, and AUD$191 respectively.

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Selecting Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks}

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Selecting Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks


Eugene G. Makeev

Renovation of the heart of New York homes remains to be among the most projects that more and more homeowners are taking advantage of. When going through such venture, there are areas that you should be putting more emphasis on to achieve both functionality and visual charm to last. One of the primary points of activity is the sink. This article discusses stainless kitchen sinks as an option and the essentials that you need to know before buying. So arm yourself with the right information whether you are in Manhattan, Long Island, Staten Island, Brooklyn, and Queens.

Why Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks

Maintenance is as easy as 1,2,3. Stains would be the least of your problems and no more fuss about cleaning agents.

These do not only afford kitchens with modern convenience but a touch of stylish modernity as well.

YouTube Preview Image

The look of sleek chrome complements well with whatever countertop material from tiles, to granite, marble, etc.

Lightweight but durable, additional support is not an issue as well as worries about the sink area collapsing due to weighta common problem with cement, marble or ceramic.

With stainless steel kitchen sinks, quality and beauty can be availed of at an affordable price.


Like all other sink options, stainless steel kitchen come in top-mount or under-mount.

-Also known as self-rimming, top-mount style features a lip that fringes around the edges of the sink atop the counters. This unique engineering not only helps hold the sink in place but also creates a visual impact adding appeal to your kitchen design. Because they sip atop your counter material, they are easier to install as well as replace.

-Under-mount is a popular choice for homeowners who want to achieve a seamless look especially if they are using solid surface countertops of engineered stone or natural options like granite, marble. This easily makes the sink area stylishly look uncluttered. But to secure such stainless steel kitchen sinks, additional support is required.


Another very important factor to consider when buying stainless steel kitchen sinks is the gauge or the thickness. When a sink is thicker, it produces less noise and is stronger to resist dents. When shopping, keep in mind that the lower the gauge meter, the thicker the steel. On the high-end that youll find in the market are those that with gauge ranging from 14-16. The most common are in 18-20 gauges. And though 24 is available, products with such gauge are not advisable.

Other Factors

When buying stainless steel kitchen sinks, there are a lot of factors that you should consider to get the best value for your money. Of course, you would want to pick something that is stylish and that would complement with the current design of the heart of your home, but also look into functionality. Take note of the finish, size and even brand. Try to think through each factor and make sure that what you choose will efficiently answer to the needs of the family. Take the time to compare and research.

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Selecting Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks }

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